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Convoy to Aleppo : the first crowdfunded hospital in the world

East Aleppo is on its knees. Doing nothing is unbearable. We, the people standing by watching this humanitarian disaster unfold, are getting together to fund a hospital on a convoy. It leaves London on December 17th.

Saturday 17th Dec at 11a.m. at Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, London.

Truck plans to leave at noon.

 It has the £91,000 it needs but a French convoy is also leaving for Aleppo soon. They are not yet at funding target, so please keep donating

East Aleppo lost its last children’s hospital some time ago. Hospitals and medical facilities in Syria have been specifically targeted during the civil war.

This is a breach of the Geneva convention. It’s a moral outrage. We couldn’t stop it – but we can do something about it.

The convoy

In an effort both to provide help and to show solidarity for healthcare workers and civilians,  a crowdfunded convoy of hospital equipment is leaving London on 17th December for a five day overland journey arriving in Turkey where it will meet Syrian medical/humanitarian organisations still operating in Northern Syria who will take it on. 

The hospital will be set up in the countryside north of the city – and will serve 185,000 people (33% of whom are children under 12).

This may be the first crowdfunded hospital in the world.

This convoy is symbolic as well as practical. It is to say to the medical community of Aleppo we can hear you and we stand with you. The siege of East Aleppo has been the Stalingrad of our time. People are starving in there. The end game may be approaching for East Aleppo but the war won’t be over when it falls, and the children still need a hospital.

Many in the UK – perhaps particularly medics – will want to stand with this – but they need to know about it.

What they need is for you to

  • Spreading the word through whatever routes you have. Time is short – convoy departs Saturday 17th Dec at noon from Chelsea & Westminster Hospital, London.. Turn up at 11am to cheer them on.
  • Personal donations can be made on the website

Post image shows burnt vehicles in front of the damaged Medecins Sans Frontieres backed al-Quds hospital in Aleppo after it was hit by airstrikes: 

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